Friday, April 4, 2008

Falling into Love

I guess it's about time we do a F/W 08 recap of our favorite shows. This season was quite interesting, and very sombre in my opinion. What was almost more exciting then the clothes was the plethora of new faces on the runway, clearly the next-gen models that started last season with the CK4 (Calvin Klein 4: Ali Stephens, Karlie Kloss, Toni Garnn, and Taryn Davidson). Not only were these girls spotted but a few other exclusive like Jil Sander's Flo Gennaro, and this season's hyped up Prada opener, Natalia Chabaneko. But onto the clothes:

First we have Alexander Wang. While this seasons offerings may not have been as good as his last, it's clear that he's coming into an image of his own. We saw the signature faded denim cutoffs again, but in dark wash, and transcended the cooler climate by pairing them with tights that were deliberated ripped and run-ed.
6 Looks from Alexander Wang F/W 08 *

Ann Demuelemeester, the queen of the grunge age of fashion is still running very strong. It seems shes developed a niche of that "Belgian" style of clothing (she's part of the famed 'Antwerp Six' that also includes Dries Van Noten and Dirk Bikkembergs) that has developed into a sort of avant garde feel. Her offering this year was truly stunning, incorporating lavender and white furs with her signature mostly-black silhouette.
6 Looks From Ann Demuelemeester F/W08 *

I'm always a fan of Fendi. I think Karl is overrated for his design efforts at Chanel, but truly underrated for those at Fendi. Plus they have one of the hottest accessory designers around, and their signature over sized clutches are simply to die for. Their furs, as usual, were the star of this forest-nymphish show, including some that were dipped in gold!
6 Looks from Fendi F/W08 *

Marni delivered awesome, artistically minimal clothes as usual. They were quite bright in a season full of dark overtones. Their fur accents were wonderful, and their footwear was, as always, to die for. My highlight is the open-toed knee high leather boots and the fox(?) fur backpack.
6 Looks from Marni F/W08 *

Finally we have Yves Saint Laurent. They offered a super tough image this season, full of black bobs a la Alice from Crystal Castles, piercing black shades, treaded heels and patent Mary Jane Tributes, and even MC Hammer-ish tapered pants. It all worked so well with the set and the music (LCD Soundsystem's "Someone Great", if you're wondering), and was truly the knockout show of the season.
6 Looks from Yves Saint Laurent F/W08 *

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Flo Gennaro

Flo is stunning! Shes my favorite right now, and she has potential to be in my top 5... I think she already pushed Freja out! She's Argentinian, has boyish features and is SUPER TALL at 6 feet. Obviously she's a Supreme girl, but shes also signed with Select in London, Women in Paris, and Why Not in Milan. Shes slowly building an editorial and her runway count has been rising VERY steady, from walking just around 10 or so shows in S/S 08 (including a Jil Sander exclusive in Milan!) to 52 in F/W 08.09 (including an opening slot for Adam Lippes and Issey Miyake (!!!) and a closing slot for AF Vandevorst(!!!)). Only good things can be in this girls future and I'm super excited for her.
Flo Gennaro's Polaroids

Flo's S/S08 and F/W08.09 Showcards for Supreme Model Management

Flo on the F/W 08.09 Runways: Clockwise from top left: Posing at John Galliano, Walking the Orange Carpet at Hermes, Flirting with the Camera at Lanvin, Stomping at Wunderkind, So Sophisticated at Dior, and Smiling with her Eyes at Marni

What i hope to see in Flo's future is a possible campaign this season (Jil Sander anyone?! Wunderkind?!), lots more editorial work to build up her portfolio (like her most recent in VogueGirl Korea) and a SMASHING runway season next spring! At least we know she'll get Marni again, I mean, could Consuella ask for a better face to represent her brand? I have high hopes for this girl and hopefully she'll achieve the same sort of success that Daiane, Carolina, Suvi and Allana have at Surpreme.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Style comes naturally"

I was reevaluating the latest couture collections the other day, and made the decision that couture is definitely my favourite of all seasons. Just because in all collections the clothes are more untouchable, more expensive, less wearable, theatrical and ultimately the most beautiful clothes ever made.

Anne Valerie Hash showcased her first ever collection as an official couturier. It was lovely. Here are my three top looks:

3 Looks from Anne Valerie Hash's Spring 2008 Couture Collection

My all time favourite was Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy collection. Even though it was not really what you think of when couture is mentioned (no big and elaborate gowns) I stilled loved it for its simplicity and mature attitude. Also for incorporating the Shakespearean ruffles.

5 Looks from the Givenchy Spring 2008 Couture Collection

So I have a friend that was also looking at towards couture creations as inspiration for a project. He was discussing with this other friend how he looked on, then randomly a boy decked out in head-to-toe American Eagle turns around and criticizes him for looking at the website for ideas. This boy insisted that those who look towards fashion blogs or websites for ideas do not have style, and that it should come naturally, like for instance himself. Yes boy style does come naturally, especially with you since you wear American Eagle hoodies and jeans everyday. Oh sorry you mix it up with a waist coat, my bad, that's style! I could go on but that wouldn't be very productive or nice of me. He just needs to learn not to be so freakin' cocky about his "style." So there's a story about my life lol.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

...Fendi and Madonna!!

Dress - Fendi, Leather Jacket - Rick Owens, Booties - Balenciaga, Indy Bag - Gucci, Gold Chains - Muse, Shades - Tom Ford

What can I say, I'm a sucker for the cookie-cutter Mary Kate style. Those sisters truly are a style inspiration, and that Fendi was too good to pass up. I love the combo of a long dress with a leather jacket, but I think it's time to grow out of the boho trapeze dress phase, unless you use those stunning D&G ones. Try something more geometric like these Fendi cyclical printed gowns, and pair it with a super edgy jacket like this Rick Owens or a Python Gucci. And those boots, I mean, can you say these boots were made for walking ONE MORE TIME?!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lets Make a Fierce work

Basically we decided to challenge ourselves by creating a fabulous outfit from our place of work: Forever 21. Rather than actually working our wimpy 5 hour shift Saturday morning, we ran around the store looking through each ridiculously named section (sweet pea and map quest anyone?). Anyways, after a tiring morning filled with countless clothes to put back and demanding customers, we finally clocked out and made a bee line towards the change rooms. Since we spend so much time there (ha!), I thought having a blocked off change room can be the least thing the store can do. Perfect, a whole mirror to myself, rolling rack holder walls to show people they cannot come near us and two wonderful critics/stylists to make jokes with. Let the fashion show being!

Look 1: Roberto Cavalli
A long ethnic print polyester gown. Bad. I don't even want to talk about it.

Look2: Chole
Wide legs jeans with a sheer grey blouse, tucked in of course. To our surprise this one actually looked pretty nice.

Look3: Alexander Wang
Mens grey wash jeans (cuffed), black velvet blazar, knock off miu miu multicoloured oxford-like pumps and my own ralph lauren men's white oxford (thanks dad). This by far was the favourite. I guess I just suit mens wear. I'm far from a runway model, but it was pretty fierce.

Look4: DVF/MiuMiu/Balenciaga
Knock off DVF black ruffle wrap dress, those miu miu copy pumps, that black velvet blazar and my oxford. I was hoping the dress could be a long cape but it looked back the the oxford, so we tied it in the front to make a dress. It made me look skinny, which is always good. This was another favourite outfit.
A Look Inspired by Alexander Wang
A Look Inspired by Chloe Circa-Phoebe-Philo

I've learned some things from this little adventure, well not really learned just reminders of things to buy. First some good black pumps, mens' jeans and maybe another blazaer. I think I may invest in a classic Ralph Lauren one with the gold buttons, white lining and patch on the side.

So next time you step into Forever 21, challenge yourself. Make a super fierce outfit, or try on the one we made.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've got it in the Bag

Handbags. The true eye grabber of the fashion industry. If you have only $2000 to spend on something from Holt Renfrew you better be buying that "It" bag that will get you noticed and make people Jealous. This is how the Fashion Industry works. Fragrances open you up to the world of luxury fashion then you buy for first every entry-level item. A HANDBAG! So without further ado, to end this 3 month long hiatus that has ravaged this blog (EVEN THROUGH FASHION WEEK!) I'm going to talk about the bags that are ALWAYS on my mind.

First I have the love of my life. It's pretty much a classic now, worn by every celebrity you've ever seen or admired because of its simple, sophisticated design and slight touch of masculinity. It's by one of the edgiest labels in the world headed by one of the edgiest designers... Of course I'm talking about the Givenchy Nightingale! I've been lusting over this bag for quite some time now and when i get my first credit card you can be damn sure where I'll be celebrating. I'd personally get a black but the creme is tantalizingly sexy.
The Givenchy Nightingale

The next bag on my list is from my all time favorite label in the world! Its super minimalist but in an artfully inspired way. Whenever I see these runway images I just think, "Wow, I'm gonna marry a girl who wears all Marni." The balloon bag is their most desirable and popular handbag as of late, and is being embraced by celebrities and socialites around the world.

The Marni Balloon Bag

Now we have the super artful bag of choice, as-of-late. They're simple, but have a sort of vintage appeal and co-ordinate smashingly with the seasons collection, but could also go with anything in your wardrobe because of its quirky eccentricity. I'm talking about Prada's striped hobos. The feature a cute little pouch with wavy stripes of alternating Nappa leather, and a super long shoulder strap which is infinitely chic when it comes to tiny bags and pouches.
The Prada Striped Nappa Hobo

This next bag is so amazing, i just can't get over it. It would be a perfect art bag or casual bag for anyone, and it has a super dash of masculinity as anything from Yohji Yamamoto always does. It's the Yohji x Hermes messenger bag and I've fallen in love with the black croc version. But of course that's going to skyrocket the price well past 20k... so maybe I will have to settle for the leather version, a mere $7,100.00....
The Hermes x Yohji Yamamoto Messenger Bag

The final bag is surely going to be the bag of the decade and decades to come. YSL has pulled out all the stops once again and created the MUSE 2.0. It's featured in the ad campaign in Blue faded mock croc and white leather but I'm honestly lusting over the red version. So nice and undeniably chic.
The Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two

With so many bags in so many styles to choose from this season, no one has any excuse to be unstylish. Size is now an afterthought and the design itself reigns supreme.

Images found on google, and

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Perfect Pre-fall Polish Continued

Well for this first collection, it was not so perfect. Oh Paulo Melim Andersson, what have you been smoking, old articles of clothing from Marc by Marc Jacobs? Well based on your latest collection for Chloe, it seems like it. We here at PRADAPEOPLE were very disappointed after viewing the 10-look pre fall collection for Chloe. The style in which the clothes were executed resembled much to Marc-by-Marc Jacobs circa 2004. Perhaps Andersson was trying to appeal to a younger age group with the use of bright purple nylons, thick coloured knits and vivid hued boots. It was not too successful.

3 Looks from Chloe' Pre Fall 2008

One of the more recents shows that was a pleasure to look at was Louis Vuitton. This season Marc Jacobs re-adapted his Fall/Winter 2007 collection by taking away the bright colours from the tailored skirts and prim sweaters, and replacing them with some neutrals. Though colour was still used in this collection, it was more subtle and less striking. The long elegant gloves mixed with slick suits or feminine dresses added the sense of glamour, and is also a fundamental part of your wardrobe at this time of year. Well all know how hard it is to stay chic and warm at the same time. It was simple and elegant. Futhermore, I could not get enough of this collection, it was absolutely stunning.

6 Looks from Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2008