Friday, April 4, 2008

Falling into Love

I guess it's about time we do a F/W 08 recap of our favorite shows. This season was quite interesting, and very sombre in my opinion. What was almost more exciting then the clothes was the plethora of new faces on the runway, clearly the next-gen models that started last season with the CK4 (Calvin Klein 4: Ali Stephens, Karlie Kloss, Toni Garnn, and Taryn Davidson). Not only were these girls spotted but a few other exclusive like Jil Sander's Flo Gennaro, and this season's hyped up Prada opener, Natalia Chabaneko. But onto the clothes:

First we have Alexander Wang. While this seasons offerings may not have been as good as his last, it's clear that he's coming into an image of his own. We saw the signature faded denim cutoffs again, but in dark wash, and transcended the cooler climate by pairing them with tights that were deliberated ripped and run-ed.
6 Looks from Alexander Wang F/W 08 *

Ann Demuelemeester, the queen of the grunge age of fashion is still running very strong. It seems shes developed a niche of that "Belgian" style of clothing (she's part of the famed 'Antwerp Six' that also includes Dries Van Noten and Dirk Bikkembergs) that has developed into a sort of avant garde feel. Her offering this year was truly stunning, incorporating lavender and white furs with her signature mostly-black silhouette.
6 Looks From Ann Demuelemeester F/W08 *

I'm always a fan of Fendi. I think Karl is overrated for his design efforts at Chanel, but truly underrated for those at Fendi. Plus they have one of the hottest accessory designers around, and their signature over sized clutches are simply to die for. Their furs, as usual, were the star of this forest-nymphish show, including some that were dipped in gold!
6 Looks from Fendi F/W08 *

Marni delivered awesome, artistically minimal clothes as usual. They were quite bright in a season full of dark overtones. Their fur accents were wonderful, and their footwear was, as always, to die for. My highlight is the open-toed knee high leather boots and the fox(?) fur backpack.
6 Looks from Marni F/W08 *

Finally we have Yves Saint Laurent. They offered a super tough image this season, full of black bobs a la Alice from Crystal Castles, piercing black shades, treaded heels and patent Mary Jane Tributes, and even MC Hammer-ish tapered pants. It all worked so well with the set and the music (LCD Soundsystem's "Someone Great", if you're wondering), and was truly the knockout show of the season.
6 Looks from Yves Saint Laurent F/W08 *


Persephone said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for posting, I love the Yves St Laurent line, makes me even sadder he's dead.

Jacqueline Carlisle said...

triangular shapes around the hip area seem to be playing a large part in the AW/09 collections

miss V said...

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